Elite Final Showdown

Every studio that enters groups at this competition will be celebrated in our ELITE FINAL SHOWDOWN. Each studio will be given the opportunity to compete with their top scoring group of the Northern Force Dance Challenge. A total of approx 20 groups will compete in the showdown and will be made up of a variety of top-scoring groups plus wildcards. 1st, 2nd & 3rd place overall winners will be determined by the adjudicators and will be based on the score obtained during the Elite Final Showdown (previous scores to be wiped). Note – 1st Place Group Fusion Entry will be invited to display their routine while judges determine winners but will not be eligible for placing.


1st Place –  Championship Trophy & $500 Cash Prize

2nd Place – Trophy & Cash Prize

3rd Place –  Trophy & Cash Prize


Top 10 Dancers – Top 10 solos from each age division from each judge will receive a medal

Top Recreational Solo – Championship Trophy & Cash Prize for Overall Highest Scoring Recreational Solo

Elite Soloist Award – Championship Trophy & Cash Prize for Top Solo for each Age Division (Elite Dancers Only)

Elite Duo/Trio Award – Championship Trophy & Cash Prize for Top Duo/Trio for Under 12 & 13+

Elite Group Award – Championship Trophy & Cash Prize for Top Group & Cash Prize for Runner Up in each age division.

Elite Dancer Award – Championship Trophy & Cash Prize for Top Dancer of competition for both 13+ & Under 12 (based on the highest average score – require 3 solos to qualify).

Elite Choreographer Award – Championship Trophy & Prize to Best Choreographer

Elite Studio Award – Championship Trophy & Cash Prize for Top Studio for both 13+ & Under 12 (studio with the highest score after calculating top 10 groups – studio must enter at least 15 groups to qualify in each age division which is 13+ & Under 12) NOTE – there must be at least 3 studios with 15+ groups in each age division (13+ AND Under 12) in order for this to be awarded to the separate age divisions, if these requirements are not met then only one overall Elite Studio Award will be given and all age groups will be calculated in Top 10 score.

Plus Scholarships for Memorable Dancers

Acknowledgment & farewell to Graduating Dancers