Hello dancers & families! We are very excited to be able to finally bring you an in person dance competition event with our Solo/Duo/Trio Competition! But as you all know, with the current Covid-19 pandemic, some things will be a little different to what we are used to. We ask for your patience, cooperation and understanding as we do our best to meet the local regulations. Below please find the form/questionnaire requirements as well as an outline of our Covid Policies & Procedures. I am sure that if we all work together, we can enjoy a fantastic and safe event where our dancers can finally do what they love!


Before a dancer or teacher can proceed to the practice & backstage areas, the forms below must be completed, signed & returned by email to


If these forms are not received prior to the event, they will need to be completed at the venue. If there is a line up at the admissions table, the dancer may risk missing her scheduled performance time. It is therefore highly recommended that this form is returned before the event date.


Dancer Covid Waiver:  DOWNLOAD HERE

Teacher Covid Waiver: DOWNLOAD HERE


Before a dancer, teacher, audience member, or staff can enter the theatre premises, they must complete this Covid Questionnaire for each person entering the building. This questionnaire needs to be completed on arrival on each day that you attend.


  • All attendants will be screened upon arrival with a Covid questionnaire (link above).
  • All attendants to wear masks at all times other than when performing or announcing. 
  • All attendants that are not part of a cohort, are required to maintain 6ft of physical distance at all times in all areas of the building. (Exception is given to the admissions table, where hand sanitizer will be available for all attendants).
  • A one-way flow of traffic will be marked with taped arrows. Please follow the arrows.
  • Dancers are to arrive in costume with hair & makeup done 30 mins prior to scheduled performance time. They need to bring a backpack to store all of their personal belongings. They are to bring this backpack on stage with them for adjudication. The awarded medal will be dropped into the open backpack. After adjudication, dancers are to reunite with parents from the stage and exit from the south-facing door in the auditorium.
  • Trophies will be placed on a cart by the awards distributor with gloves. The winners will collect their trophy directly from the cart on stage. 
  • The audience limited to 100 people, priority seating given to performing dancers family.
  • Audience members can support the dancers but will not be allowed to shout/cheer.

Change Rooms: 

  • Only available to dancers competing in multiple routines in one session.
  • Individual cubicles will be marked with tape, separating each dancer/cohort from each other by 6ft from all directions. 
  • No food allowed in the change room. A dancer may bring their own water bottle. 
  • Hand sanitizer to be available at each cubicle, dancer will need to use it upon arrival.
  • Each dancer needs to wipe down all surfaces in each cubicle before they leave. 

Warm-up area: 

  • Dancers will warm up & wait in the hallway behind the stage prior to the start of their category. 
  • This area will be taped to keep 6ft of distance between dancer(s).
  • Each dancer must use hand sanitizer before practicing. 
  • After each category of dancers the practice area floor will be sanitized. 


  • Stage to be cleaned & sanitized after each category. 
  • Audience seating to be cleaned & sanitized after each category. 
  • Each dancer will be required to use hand sanitizer on hands & bare feet before & after each routine. They will also be required to wear footwear at all times backstage, whether it be dance shoes or regular shoes. 
  • Hand sanitizer will be readily available at all entrances and exits and in change rooms and backstage and in bathrooms.